Tracey Bonnington RCHOM

Registered Classical Homeopath

Cell: 027 597 6905



Homeopathy is a highly effective system of natural medicine that has been used around the world since its development in 1796. It is used to treat such a vast array of ailments because it addresses the patient’s complaint holistically rather than as a singular symptom. Often health issues arise at, or after times of stress or trauma and therefore can only be successfully resolved when support and treatment is given for the causation as well as the consequential ailments. For example, anticipatory anxiety can bring on stomach pains in children and adults alike. Treatment for the stomach pains alone will not be successful without assistance for the issues of anxiety.

The philosophy of Homeopathy is to understand the clients complaint in the most thorough way and prescribe treatment that will stimulate the body’s own healing capacity to return to health.

I have just recently moved to Auckland from Wellington where I have maintained a Classical Homeopathic practice for 20 years. In my practice I have treated clients of all ages from birth through to the elderly. It is a privilege to now be working with the children of children that I once treated. I have also been a lecturer and clinical supervisor for 7 years at the Wellington College of Homeopathy.

I am available here at New Lynn Osteopaths, for consultations by Skype and I also travel to Wellington fortnightly to run my practice there.

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