Jenny Vaipapa

Massage Therapist

My profession is in the hands on healing caring and giving nature of massage therapy.  I work in with and pay particular attention to that of acupoints and acupressure, recognising meridian channels and using techniques of Chinese medicinal and natural healing inclusive of guasha and cupping as well as some herbs. Health preservation for well being emotionally mentally spiritually and physically.. and working with 5 element theory. Head and scalp massage, hands feet and facial are very important in my work to recognise and acknowledge the whole body communicating and moving together in sync for improved overall health.

Currently enrolled student for a B.HSc majoring in acupuncture which will accompany my other working skills in due course.

I have just two time slots in the clinic at the present time:

Mondays 8am till 1pm
Fridays    2pm till 8pm

Call me for a booking on     mobile…0210461425….
and I’ll catch up with you real soon.