Move into Well-Being

Movement and Therapy

with Ingrid Rose Nagl

Registered Psychotherapist (ACC, PBANZ, MNZAP)

Therapy in Motion Practitioner

SHEN® Intern

I meet each person as an individual and support their unique process uncovering their own innate wisdom. My approach is based on a holistic understanding which integrates body, mind, soul and spirit as part of our human experience and identity.

I have many years of experience in working psychotherapeutically with trauma and abuse, separation and loss, depression and anxiety, relationship issues, stress, insomnia, psychosomatic symptoms and other experiences of mental or emotional pain.

My passion for Dance and Movement has led me to qualify as a “Therapy in Motion Practitioner”. This is a therapeutic movement-based healing method which translates issues and experiences into embodied language.

Combining talking and movement can increase the depth and effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. Simultaneously, it offers creative resources helpful in daily life. Movement sessions and workshops are available one-on-one and for groups.

SHEN® works directly on the body to help release emotional blockages from recent or past trauma. For a limited time, SHEN sessions are offered at a reduced rate, as I complete my internship as a SHEN® therapist.

Contact Email:

Phone: 021 180 1697

I was and still am a seeker, but I have stopped interrogating stars or books, and have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me.” (Hermann Hesse)